Toughest Weights Session

Brian Sit Ups

My toughest weights session, I can remember like it was yesterday. It was 2009 and I’d just returned from holidays. It was a Lions Year so I felt 4 weeks break wasn’t sufficient. Knowing I was finally able to avail of corrective eye surgery for my astigmatism I booked in to have it done a week after returning to training. After both eye surgeries, done a week apart, I would need a minimum of 3 days recovery because of the more invasive Lasek procedure.

When the Strength and Conditioning coach Chris Dennis (who’s now with Geelong Cats in the AFL) discovered I’d only be training for 2 days before I was gone again he decided to beast me on day one. He put me in with a group of players that were 3 weeks into their pre season program.

What ensued was torturous but what doesn’t kill you and all that…

The session consisted of 10 exercises with each exercise containing 100 reps. The idea was to get through the session as quickly as possible. Rest times were up to you. Set repetitions were also up to you. You could attack them in big chunks with more rest time or smaller efforts with greater speed.

It was meant to be a 45-50 min session. It took me 85 mins.

By the 6th exercise I was doing 5&6 repetitions at a go. By exercise 8 it was down to 3&4. The Plate Press & Extension was my last exercise & I must have finished it with 40 single reps.

Here it is :

100 x 60kg Deadlifts
100 x 40kg Push press
100 x 40kg hang high pull
100 x Push ups
100 x Lying pull ups
100 x Box Jumps
100 x 20kg Plate Press and Extension
100 x 20kg Barbell Curls
100 x Tyre Flips
100 x Sit Ups